United Nation Inter-Governmental Organization

All Members of Governments has been already signed the treaty of acceptance to take part in United Nations Community being a Member of our Organization.

Governments of State;
  • Government of Republic of Philippines.

    Governments of Royal Monarchies;
  • Government of Kingdom of New Spain.
  • Government of Ezeigbo Ohenaeze Central Region of Ghana.
  • Government of Embo Kingdom.
  • Government of Bakholokoe Nation.
  • Government of Agbalakata III of IGGA Ancient Kingdom.

    Sovereign Kingdoms;
  • Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom
  • Ukraine Rus Kingdom
  • Sacro trono Kingdom
  • Kerajan Bajeng Polongbangkeng

    All Member Organization has been already signed the treaty of membership & acceptance to take part in United Nations Community being a Member of our Organization.

    Consultative Member Organization
  • United Global Kingdoms, South Africa
  • European Police Committee, Serbia

    Semi Consultative Member Organization
  • United Nation World Peace Association, Japan
  • International Human Rights Protection Services, USA
  • Global University of Science and Technology, USA
  • Chaplaincy Country Colombia Organization and Federation, Association, Union, Colombia.
  • Croatian Bodyguard Association, Croatia
  • World Organization Safety, Montenegro
  • Survival and Quick Elimination Tactical System, Brazil
  • World All Style Martial Arts Security Association, Germany
  • International Academy of Cossacks, Ukraine
  • World Special Forces Combat Federation, Japan
  • Solution Global Chaplaincy Corps Mission, Nigeria
  • Royal Cross Rescue Mission Chaplaincy, Nigeria
  • International Security & Strategy Studies College, Nigeria
  • Bodyguard VIP & Security Protection Co. Ltd., Thailand
  • International Commission Diplomatic Human Rights, Argentina
  • World Academy of Martial Arts Philosophy and Science, Malaysia
  • Intercontinental Union in Police and Military Methods, Argentina
  • Tactical Police System Operation, Costa Rica
  • Crime Free World, India